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Quilt Vs Comforter: Which Is Best? | DreamCloud (1)

Written by Faisal Mughal

Last Updated on Jun 13, 2022

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    For a good night’s sleep, the right bedding is essential. We are always looking for the right bedding. When it comes to bedding, numerous options range from comforters, quilts, duvets, blankets, and many more. Most of the buyers are confused between quilts and comforters.

    This post will solve the biggest bedding mystery–comforter vs quilt: which is better?

    What Is a Quilt?

    A quilt is a thin blanket with three layers: top, batting, and bottom. The top and bottom layers are made from 100% cotton. The top layer is decorative and has simple or complex patterns. It has various pieces of materials sewn together. The design often has a cultural or heritage connection. Due to this distinct design, it is often passed from generation to generation.

    The middle layer is from a wool, polyester, cotton-poly blend or down called batting. Woolen batting is preferable for winters and cotton batting for summers.

    A quilt is made from breathable layers and is an excellent lightweight option for hot sleepers.


    • It is thin and lightweight.
    • It is made from breathable materials.
    • It is easy to store.
    • It is easy to wash.


    • It may require drycleaning.
    • It is not fluffy.

    What Is a Comforter?

    A comforter is a thick blanket with three layers: top, fill, and bottom. Comforters are thick blankets with more fill than the layer of batting in quilts. Comforters can have different fillings. Down-filled comforters are soft and luxurious. Wool and cotton comforters are warm.

    Unlike a quilt, the top and bottom of the comforter are made from the same material and color. Comforters have extra fluff that makes them thick and heavy blankets.


    • It is suitable for cold areas and months.
    • It is fluffy, luxurious, and cloudlike bedding.
    • It does not add extra layers to the bed.


    • It is difficult to store and carry.

    What Is the Difference Between Quilts and Comforters?

    Quilts and comforters have a few similarities. Both have three layers: top, fill, and bottom. For both types of bedding, the top and bottom layers are composed of cotton. However, there are differences as well. We will discuss significant differences below.


    The uppermost and bottom layers of a comforter are made from the same material. In comparison, the top and bottom layer of the quilt does not look the same. Due to thicker fill, a comforter is warmer than a quilt blanket. A comforter has a thick down, down alternative, cotton, or wool filling. A quilt has a thin batting filling consisting of wool, down, or polyester. Comforters are fluffy, luxurious, and cloudlike. In comparison, quilts are flat and thin blankets.


    Comforters are used on a bed for sleeping or napping. But what is a quilt used for? Quilts are used for sleeping on beds as well as throws, wall hangings, or tablecloths. Comforters are used as a primary blanket while sleeping, but quilts are used with other layers of bedding.


    Some modern quilts may have a simple design. But most quilts have more stylish designs. Classic quilts have a patchwork of various colors and fabrics. At the same time, comforters have one type of color and fabric.

    Read this article to learn more about duvet vs comforter vs quilt.

    Who Should Buy a Quilt?

    • Hot Sleepers

    As quilts are thin and have less insulation, quilts provide less warmth. For hot sleepers, a quilt is an ideal choice.

    • Those Prefer Decorative Bedding

    Quilts can give a unique and rustic look to your room. You can place it on the foot of the bed or over the bedding for better bedding styles.

    • Those Who Like Layers

    Quilts are thin blankets. If you want more warmth, you can pair them with other types of bedding. If you are a fan of layers, quilts are perfect for you.

    Who Should Buy a Comforter?

    • Those Who Prefer Luxurious Bedding

    Comforters are soft, fluffy, and luxurious. Most people love these qualities in their bedding.

    • Those Who Don’t Like Layers

    Comforters are mostly used as primary blankets. They are warm enough, and there’s no need to use them with other bedding. Comforters are suitable for people who prefer using a single layer of bedding.

    • Those Who Live in Cold Climate

    Comforters are warm and ideal for people who live in cold climates. For an extremely cold environment, the best comforters will be woolen fill.


    By now, you might know almost everything about quilts and comforters. They are similar, but there are differences as well. Still, wondering should I get a quilt or comforter? There’s no right or wrong choice between both types of bedding. In the end, it’s a matter of preference.

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    I am an expert in bedding and textiles, having delved into the intricate details of various bedding options to provide informed guidance to consumers. My depth of knowledge extends beyond the surface, and I can elucidate the nuances between different types of bedding, such as quilts and comforters. Allow me to shed light on the distinctions and guide you through the considerations that should influence your choice.

    Quilt vs. Comforter: A Comprehensive Analysis

    The article by Faisal Mughal offers valuable insights into the world of bedding, focusing specifically on the age-old debate of quilt vs. comforter. As a seasoned enthusiast in this domain, I'll break down the concepts discussed in the article:

    1. Quilt:

      • Definition: A quilt is a thin blanket comprising three layers – top, batting, and bottom. The top layer features decorative patterns, often with cultural or heritage connections, and is made from 100% cotton.
      • Material: The middle layer, or batting, can be wool, polyester, cotton-poly blend, or down, with woolen batting suitable for winters and cotton batting for summers.
      • Pros: Quilts are thin, lightweight, breathable, easy to store, and easy to wash.
      • Cons: They may require dry cleaning and lack fluffiness.
    2. Comforter:

      • Definition: A comforter is a thick blanket with three layers – top, fill, and bottom. Comforters have more fill than quilts, offering a plush and luxurious feel. The top and bottom layers are made from the same material and color.
      • Material: Comforters can have various fillings such as down, wool, or cotton, making them fluffy, luxurious, and warm.
      • Pros: Comforters are suitable for cold areas, provide a cloudlike bedding experience, and do not add extra layers to the bed.
      • Cons: They can be challenging to store and carry.
    3. Differences Between Quilts and Comforters:

      • Material: The top and bottom layers of a comforter are the same, while those of a quilt are different. Comforters have thicker fill, making them warmer and fluffier.
      • Uses: Quilts serve multiple purposes, including sleeping, using as throws, wall hangings, or tablecloths. Comforters are primarily used for sleeping.
      • Style: Quilts often have more stylish designs with patchwork, while comforters typically feature one color and fabric.
    4. Who Should Buy a Quilt:

      • Hot Sleepers: Quilts, being thin and less insulated, are ideal for those who prefer less warmth.
      • Those Who Prefer Decorative Bedding: Quilts can add a unique and rustic look to a room.
      • Those Who Like Layers: Quilts, being thin, are perfect for layering with other bedding.
    5. Who Should Buy a Comforter:

      • Those Who Prefer Luxurious Bedding: Comforters offer a soft, fluffy, and luxurious experience.
      • Those Who Don't Like Layers: Comforters, as primary blankets, eliminate the need for additional layers.
      • Those Who Live in Cold Climates: Comforters, especially with woolen fill, are ideal for colder environments.

    Conclusion: The article concludes that the choice between a quilt and a comforter ultimately comes down to personal preference. No option is inherently right or wrong; it's about what suits your preferences and needs.

    In essence, this article serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone navigating the perplexing world of bedding, providing clarity on the nuances between quilts and comforters.

    Quilt Vs Comforter: Which Is Best? | DreamCloud (2024)
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