Newton Baby Crib Mattress Review - Is It Really Worth the $$$?? (2023)


Is the Newton Baby Crib Mattress really worth $300+?? There are plenty of less expensive options out there, but this was a mattress that gave us just a little more confidence as first-time parents. This is my honest review of the mattress that we've had for nearly two years and continue to use daily!

Each of the full size crib mattress options from Newton Baby:

Newton Baby Crib Mattress - Waterproof:
Newton Baby Crib Mattress - Original:
Newton Baby Crib Mattress - Essential:

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Thank you, hey everyone, Dan and Mack.

Here, a crib mattress is one of the.

If not the most important baby products that your child will use, they will sleep on it from the day that they're able to sleep on their own in their own room until the time that they're able to climb out of the crib on their own, that's usually two to three years for one child and a crib mattress may be used even longer if you decide to have multiple children.

So logically, this is one of the products that Melissa and I did the most research on, as we were preparing for the birth of our daughter now before we get started, I want to preface the video by saying that this is not a paid or sponsored review.

Video uh we're just giving our own honest opinion on a product that we purchased with our own money that we've really enjoyed so far.

While we've had it, we looked at several different mattresses from all the top brands, such as Moonlight Slumber, Graco, baby, Leto, naturopedic, most of the mattresses that you're going to find are made from foam, or they have that similar inner spring design.

That you see with many of the typical adult mattresses that you sleep on.

There are also various certifications for the mattress materials that indicate if they are made from recycled materials or if they're hypoallergenic.

A few other things to consider outside of the mattress material are the size and it in the crib that you have whether the mattress is going to be waterproof or not, and if it is a single or two stage mattress.

Now the difference between a two stage and a single stage is that the two stage like it sounds, has two different levels of firmness.

So one side is going to have a higher level of firmness which is made for infants.

You want them to be on a firm, solid surface, and then you have a slightly softer side, which is better suited for toddlers for comfortability purposes.

Now, beyond.

All of the product specifications- obviously cost is always a major factor uh when looking at these types of products as a young soon to be parent money is definitely one of the things that's going to be on your mind and as you continue to find out how much stuff you really need to support a little baby or how much things actually cost.

It can certainly be a little overwhelming now, as with any consumer product, there are going to be various levels of quality.

You can pick up a budget crib mattress, for you know under fifty dollars, mattresses more on the median range are going to cost you anywhere from 80 to 150 dollars, which is going to be your typical sealies or graco's, and then there are obviously a few premium Brands such as naturepedic avocado and, of course, the Newton Baby mattress.

First, let me be absolutely clear that there's nothing wrong with grabbing a crib mattress that meets your budget and your needs.

Nearly all of the crib mattress that you can find online or in the stores need all the current safety standards, which is obviously the most important thing.

When making this decision.

Like most new parents, we had heard the horror stories of babies falling victim to SIDS or suffocating in their cribs, which are absolutely terrifying to think about.

For us, as first-time parents who were extremely paranoid, we were willing to spend a little extra on a crib mattress if it would give us some more peace of mind.

We came across the Newton baby, crib mattress, which caught our eye because it's marketed as 100, breathable and washable.

It isn't made of Springs or foam, but rather a special proprietary polymer.

That's actually 90 air.

Now you're probably wondering how is that possible? But if you look at this, the actual mattress almost looks like a block of white ramen noodles with a lot of open space.

The mattress has two covers.

The Quilted outer cover is very smooth and soft and feels like it has a nice natural cooling effect.

You can really see the quality of the material and then there's an inside viscose cover that is a natural chemical free material.

Now it's super easy to remove the cover you just unzip it and it comes right off and then you can just throw it in the wash and tumble dry it on low.

Now there are three styles of the Newton baby cream, mattress that come in a full crib mattress size and they do offer a mini Crim mattress as well.

The full size styles are essential, which is four inches thick and retails around 249.99, the original, which is a five and a half inches thick and costs 299.99, and the waterproof option, which is also five and a half inches thick, but comes with a cover that has a waterproof lining on one side on the toddler side, which costs 349.99 I'll place a link to each of those options down below just so, you can check them out now.

After comparing with a few of the other crib mattresses we looked at and knowing our budget limitations, we decided to purchase the waterproof version.

Now we went with the waterproof option, as we knew we would be using it with the toddler side at some point, and that has certainly come in handy on several occasions.

If your child has any accidents on the open infant side, it's the same process to clean it.

You can take the mattress and clean it very easily in the shower and just let it air dry.

It was a little bit more than we had planned to spend initially on a crib mattress, but we were fortunate enough to know that we could afford the extra couple hundred dollars and get a mattress that really made us feel a little more comfortable about letting our baby sleep on it.

Now, as far as the breathability goes, I did test it out when we initially got the mattress, but I'll give you a little demonstration right now.

I can literally just press my entire face into the mattress and just stay here and breathe perfectly fine indefinitely.

Obviously, a newborn's lung strength is going to be much weaker than a grown adults, but just actually feeling that sensation of the breathability of the mattress firsthand provided me with that little extra confidence.

You know, thinking about our daughter, sleeping on it.

I hope this video was helpful for some of you that are out there currently looking at crib mattresses or at least give some of you something to think about in the future.

It's a great product- and you know I- would definitely consider it if you're looking at your mattresses for your first child or even a second or third child.

If you enjoyed this video and you can click that thumbs up, I really appreciate it.

If you want to see more content like this or have any questions about any other baby products, parenting or anything else, just please drop a comment down below and I will be sure to respond to you as soon as I can again.

This is not a sponsored video.

We bought this mattress ourselves with our own hard-earned money and have absolutely enjoyed having it Kinsley still sleeps on her Newton baby crib.

Mattress to this day and given how stinking tiny she is I'm, pretty sure she will be getting at least another six to eight months of use out of it.

So it's definitely durable it's going to last for a long time, and we are very happy with this purchase as always guys, thanks for watching.


Newton Baby Crib Mattress Review - Is It Really Worth the $$$?? ›

For us, this crib mattress is worth it. It has been through two kids so far and still looks to be in excellent shape. It's easy to wash, easy to put back together, and it's comfortable. (I've actually fallen asleep on it once or twice…

Is a Newton mattress really safe? ›

A major benefit of the material is that it's Greenguard Gold certified to be chemical and toxin-free. The Newton Crib Mattress provides a safe, toxin free environment with the support your child needs for a healthy night's sleep.

How safe is Newton baby mattress? ›

In addition to making movement easy, a firm mattress is safer for infants because it doesn't conform as much to the body. The Newton Crib Mattress off-gasses very little and is GREENGUARD Gold certified, indicating that it has undergone chemical emissions testing.

Is Newton baby legit? ›

Yes. All crib mattresses must meet certain safety standards from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, so you can rest assured that as long as yours meets them—and you're following the American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep guidelines—you're making a safe choice.

Is the Newton mattress actually breathable? ›

When you take the cover off the Newton baby mattress, you see why Newton mentions that 90/10 air to polymer ratio. Most of the mattress under the cover is actually air, with the hard plastic building what looks a lot like a bird's nest or a plate of pasta around it. That's what makes it 100% breathable.

Can babies breathe through Newton mattress? ›

After reviewing the research, the doctor confirmed that the Newton Crib Mattress did not pose a significant hazard in terms of breathability for infants, while also noting that it posed a significantly lower risk of carbon dioxide rebreathing than a conventional crib mattress.

Should you use a crib sheet with Newton mattress? ›

Absolutely! ⭐ We just recommend using our 100% muslin cotton crib sheets to.

What is the safest bed for a baby? ›

Safe sleep for your baby
  • Safe sleep can help protect your baby from sudden infant death syndrome (also called SIDS) and other dangers, like choking and suffocation.
  • Put your baby to sleep on his back on a flat, firm surface, like in a crib or bassinet. ...
  • Put your baby to sleep in his own crib or bassinet.

Do breathable crib mattresses prevent SIDS? ›

So, unfortunately, there is no way to fully prevent SIDS. It's prudent, however, to do all one can to create a safe sleep environment, and making the mattress breathable can only help. The CPSC recommends putting babies to sleep on their backs, and we fully back this recommendation.

Does Newton mattress prevent suffocation? ›

Newton crib mattresses were tested for air permeability, suffocation risk, and Co2 rebreathing factors in a third-party CPSC-accredited laboratory. During these tests, Newton crib mattresses showed 97% more airflow than the leading organic crib mattress, reducing the risk of suffocation.

What is the difference between Newton mattresses? ›

The major differences for these three standard-sized mattresses are in the mattress thickness and removable cover: Essential is 4″ thick with a single layer cover ($249) Original is 5.5″ thick with a dual layer cover ($299) Waterproof is 5.5″ thick with a dual layer cover ($349)

Which side of the Newton mattress is for infants? ›

If you have the Waterproof Crib Mattress, be sure to look at the underlining inside the cover. The blue waterproof lining is meant for toddler years when messes are bigger, while the side without the waterproofing is intended for your infant for unhindered breathability for your baby's first year.

What is the weight limit for the Newton Crib Mattress? ›

According to Newton's representatives, this crib mattress has been tested for up to 100 pounds. However, it's also important to mention that you can still get in to read your kid a bedtime story. Going a bit over the weight limit won't break the bed, but do keep in mind it's intended for children up to 100 pounds.

Can you reuse Newton Crib Mattress? ›

Another item that you can reuse for your new little one is your Newton Baby Crib Mattress! What makes our mattress one of the only crib mattresses that can be handed down from one child to the next? One reason is that it's 100% washable. That's right, a washable mattress!

How long does Newton baby mattress take to dry? ›

To dry the Newton Crib Mattress:

Lay it on its side to dry. This will take approximately 2-6 hours, depending on how much air circulation is in the room. If you want to speed up the process, place the core in a well-ventilated area and/or in front of a fan.

Does Newton baby mattress have flame retardant? ›

You can rest easy knowing that Newton Baby never uses any toxic chemical fire retardants. Instead, a layer of chemical free viscose material made from reconstituted wood pulp is quilted into the cover or provided as a separate encasement to prevent flames from penetrating the mattress.

Can my baby sleep face down on Newton mattress? ›

The Newton Original features two 100% breathable outer layers that can prevent accidental suffocation. This means that if your baby accidentally shifts face-down on the Newton Original mattress, they will still be able to breathe through the mattress cover, dramatically reducing the risk of suffocation.

Does Newton mattress need to be flipped? ›

Our mattresses are unique in their construction and are the same firmness all the way through, which means no need to flip the mattress as your baby grows. Our mattresses meet all required standards for firmness needed for developmental growth and safety.

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