Mattress price guide: how much does a new mattress cost? (2024)

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A new mattress is a major purchase that can seriously lighten your wallet, especially if you’re entering the process without a game plan. (We don’t recommend doing that, of course.) The ever-expanding mattress landscape consists of budget-friendly beds, luxury splurges, and dependable mid-range models. So, what sets them apart? Our in-depth mattress price guide will serve as your road map in your journey toward a dreamy night’s sleep.

You likely know that size matters when it comes to mattress pricing, but that’s not all. The build of your mattress, where you buy it, and the little bonuses that come with it can also raise or drop the final cost. Make sure to set aside money for essentials like sheets, pillows, and a bed frame as those items can all add up. And read the fine print when it comes to warranties, trials, and mattress financing to avoid being blindsided by surprise fees.

Think of the best mattress as a package deal, you’re getting more than just a surface to lie on. Educate yourself with our mattress price guide and we promise you won't endure sleepless nights fretting over how to pay for it all.

Mattress prices at a glance

Mattresses are generally priced according to size, materials, and the perks they include (like at-home trials and warranties). To help you identify the basic budget options, the spurge-worthy luxury mattress models, and the dependable mid-range mattresses, this is what to expect on average:

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Budget Mattress
DescriptionBasic mattresses (usually innerspring or foam) that are best suited for guest rooms or temporary use
Average Warranty5-10 years
Average Trial Period30-100 days
Price Range (Queen)$500 or less
Average Price (Queen)$350

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Mid-range Mattress
DescriptionHigher quality foam, innerspring, or hybrid mattresses that are durable enough for daily use
Average Warranty10-20 years
Average Trial Period100-120 days
Price Range (Queen)$500 to $1,500
Average Price (Queen) $1,200

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Luxury Mattress
DescriptionMattresses with premium materials (like latex or specialty foam) and complex construction to deliver exceptional cooling and comfort
Average Warranty10-25 years
Average Trial Period100-365 days
Price Range (Queen)$1,500 and up
Average Price (Queen)$1,800

Of course, other factors come into play when pricing a mattress, as we’ll delve into below. Also keep in mind that there are some outliers. For example, brands such as Nectar and DreamCloud offer industry-leading amenities like a 1-year at-home trial, lifetime warranties, and free or discounted bedding sets – but thanks to regular mattress sales, most of their mattresses are typically priced within the mid-range bracket.

What influences the price of a mattress?

Mattress price guide: how much does a new mattress cost? (1)

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Understanding what creates the vast price differences among mattresses will help you make an informed purchase that suits your budget and needs. From the mattress type and materials used to perks like at-home trials, we’ve broken down the five things that impact the cost of a mattress:

1. Quality of materials

Mattresses contain foam, springs, or a mix both, but the quality of those materials can drive prices up or down. Polyfoam is cheaper than high-density comfort foam or cooling memory foam infused with gel or copper. Latex is more expensive than synthetic foam due to the process that goes into sourcing and producing certified organic materials. Open coils cost less than pocket springs, which do a better job of relieving pressure and isolating motion.

The material used for the top cover can also affect the price of a mattress. Expect to spend more for a bed topped with organic wool or cotton, a plush pillow top, or a phase-changing material that’s cool to the touch.

2. Mattress construction

Hybrid mattresses, which combine foam and springs, generally have a higher price tag than all-foam or innerspring models. Organic mattresses swap man-made foam for either Dunlop or Talalay latex and therefore cost more than other mattress types because of the quality and durability of their materials. (Latex-based beds can last up to 25 years with proper care.)

Note that the number of layers a mattress has can also impact its price. A budget foam mattress might have two or three layers, but a luxury hybrid could have up to seven.

3. Size of the mattress

Mattress companies charge according to size. Larger beds that can accommodate two or more people are pricier than smaller solo-sleeper beds. Out of the six standard sizes, twin and twin XL are the cheapest, while king and California king cost the most. Queen, which is the most popular size, sits between a full and a king in the pricing structure.

4. Buying online versus in-store

Where you purchase your mattress will determine how much or little you’re likely to spend. Buying a mattress online from a direct-to-consumer brand is cheaper than getting one at a physical store because of the lack of overhead. The best part about going to a showroom is being able to test mattresses right on the spot, but online stores counter this by offering an at-home trial that can last up to a full year.

5. Shipping, warranty, and trial

The price of a mattress also includes extras like shipping, warranty, and trial period. You might find a budget mattress with free shipping, but it could lack a reasonable warranty or trial period. On the other hand, a luxury mattress could come with a 25-year or lifetime warranty, a trial period lasting up to a year, and even a free in-home setup.

Extra costs to consider when buying a new mattress

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You don't want to be caught off-guard by surprise charges or poor planning. Budget for any accessories you might need – particularly if you're switching sizes or setting up a new bedroom. Also account for potential fees for delivery, return, and/or financing. Here are five additional costs to consider when choosing a new mattress and know how much to set aside:

1. Foundation and bed frame

If it’s been ages since your last mattress purchase or you’re in the process of setting up a guest bedroom, you’ll need a new foundation and/or bed frame. If you’re opting for an innerspring mattress, don’t forget to buy a box spring. In some cases, you might have to swap a perfectly-fine bed base for something that’s compliant with your new mattress or you risk voiding the warranty. (All the more reason to read those terms and conditions with a fine-toothed comb!)

2. Sheets and other bedding

If you’re upgrading your current mattress size or adding a new bedroom to your home, you’ll to pick up a set or two of bed sheets, a comforter or duvet, a mattress protector, and a couple of pillows. Queen and king are the easiest sizes to shop for, while accessories for twin XL, California king, and other less-standard sizes can be harder to come by.

You can save on bedding by looking for a mattress bundle deal that throws in these items for free or at a substantial discount. This is particularly useful if you’re buying a mattress in a size that's not easy to find.

3. Shipping and setup costs

Box mattresses sold online often come with free shipping, but if you’re unable to set up your new bed on your own, some brands provide in-home setup for an extra fee – usually between $99 and $150. Also, think about whether you need to get rid of your previous mattress. If you can’t donate or dispose of it yourself, you can pay a professional service to haul it away.

Note that some luxury brands (like Saatva and Tempur-Pedic) offer white-glove delivery at no extra charge. This includes delivery, setup, and optional removal of your old mattress.

4. Return fees

Mattress trials allow you to return or exchange a mattress if it’s not the right fit. While many retailers allow you to send your mattress back for free, some brands charge a processing fee that may set you back as much as $200. Look over the terms of the mattress trial before buying so you’ll know what to expect.

5. Financing

Financing is a sound option if you’re moving house or suddenly need a new mattress due to health or personal reasons. However, even the cheapest mattress can be quite an expenditure on the fly. Financing helps ease the burden by spreading payments out over time but be careful – interest and late fees can add up and you’ll wind up shelling out more than you initially bargained for.

Best mattress by price

Mattress price guide: how much does a new mattress cost? (3)Best affordable mattress

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Far from basic, the Nectar mattress is soft and supportive, and if you suffer from back pain, it won't cost much to help relieve the pain. In our best mattress guide, it's ranked as the best mattress for back pain (which is impressive given its affordable price). Our reviewer Casey found it alleviated some of the pain from her fibromyalgia.

Our Nectar Memory foam mattress reviewgoes into more detail.

Mattress price guide: how much does a new mattress cost? (4)Best mid-range mattress

Emma Original Mattress

The Emma original mattress may not offer the coolest night's sleep for hot sleepers, but its cushy memory foam accommodates multiple sleeping positions for long periods of time. And while it usually retails at $1399 for a queen bed, it's often on sale for around $699 so you could pick this up at a budget price. Combined with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, it's excellent value.

Our fullEmma Original Mattress reviewhas all the detail.

Mattress price guide: how much does a new mattress cost? (5)Best luxury mattress

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

If you want more say in how your mattress is designed, go with the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex mattress. Everything from height to size and firmness rating can be customized. Built with natural latex, this mattress is supportive and reduces joint and muscle pain. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but the mattress is free of toxins and chemicals, ensuring a healthier night of sleep.

Read our full PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex mattress review for more details.


What’s the best price for a good mattress?

The answer to this question will vary from one person to the next, as everyone has their own budget and preferences. You’ll get the most bang for your buck by keeping an eye out for mattress deals during major holidays and shopping events like Black Friday. Also remember to do your homework and choose a mattress that not only fits your space but also suits your sleeping habits.

Don’t forget that buying a mattress often comes with the need for other accessories to complete your sleep sanctuary. Things like sheets, pillows, and a mattress protector will factor into your final cost – as will larger items like a bed frame or a box spring, if necessary.

When should you buy a new matress?

If you mattress no longer feels comfortable to sleep on – it's sagging, the edges are drooping, you can feel the springs – it's probably time for a change. Equally, if your situation has changed, if you are now sharing a bed or have upgraded the size of your bed frame you will need to buy a new mattress.

And in terms of when you actually shop for a mattress, big sale events would be your best bet. The majority of mattress brands will take money off over Black Friday weekend and holiday sales.

What you should pay for a mattress of course comes down to personal budget and what you are after. However, we will say a mattress is an investment, and somewhere you will spend a lot of time so go with the best quality you can afford and make the most of sales – it's worth waiting a few months until a sale starts and sign up to marketing emails at your favored mattress brands so you know when there's a bargain to be had.

Mattress price guide: how much does a new mattress cost? (2024)


Mattress price guide: how much does a new mattress cost? ›

An innerspring mattress costs $850 on average for a queen size. A foam mattress will cost you an average of $1,500 for a queen size. A latex mattress averages at right around $1,500 for a queen. A queen size hybrid mattress will run you $1,650 on average.

What is the average cost of a decent mattress? ›

'A new mattress can run anywhere from $500-$850 at the low end, to $2500 plus at the high end,' Lauri continues. 'Luxury mattresses have multiple layers of different materials. These expensive mattresses can also be made of high-density materials such as memory foam. You can find a good mattress for $1500-$2000.

How much is a brand new mattress? ›

Average Mattress Cost by Category:
Mattress CategoryDescriptionPrice Range
BudgetAffordable beds, typically all-foam or innerspring construction using basic materials.$250-$1,000
Mid-RangeMid-range beds, usually all-foam, innerspring, or hybrid using quality materials.$500-$1,500
1 more row
Feb 1, 2023

What is the average cost of a king size mattress? ›

The average king mattress costs around $1,000 or more, depending on how premium of a mattress you're looking to buy.

Is $3000 too much for a mattress? ›

Luxury mattresses start around $1,000 and can go as high as $3,000 or more, especially if you want the largest size and height available. Luxury beds should be expected to last many years, even longer than most mattresses, and have a warranty to match that expectation (think 25 years).

What is considered cheap for a mattress? ›

In the sleep world, a mattress is typically considered cheap if it is less than $1,000 for a queen size. We consider a mattress to be expensive if the queen size is more than $2,000. An averaged priced mattress would be somewhere in between.

How often should you replace your mattress? ›

But how often should you replace your mattress? Typically, most mattresses should be replaced every 7-10 years, but this number can vary depending on the mattress type you have. Don't wait any longer for a good night's sleep. Get better sleep quality now.

How do I get the best price on a new mattress? ›

How to Get the Best Price on a New Mattress
  1. Check Out the Mattress Return Policy. ...
  2. Read the Warranty's Fine Print. ...
  3. Understand How Material Affects Cost. ...
  4. Drive a Hard Bargain. ...
  5. Search for Model-Specific Coupons and Discounts Online. ...
  6. Look for Exclusive or Under-the-Radar Deals. ...
  7. Always Check Amazon Before You Buy.
Sep 2, 2021

How long does a good quality mattress last? ›

Most mattresses should last between 7 and 10 years. However, there are many variables that can influence mattress lifespan. The original build quality of the mattress, the materials used, and even the weight and sleeping styles of the sleepers can all influence a bed's longevity.

What makes a mattress so expensive? ›

There are a few driving points behind this range of price, including but not limited to: materials, special features such as extra thickness or greater edge support, and the length of time a mattress typically lasts a household. Mattresses are a necessity in most households.

What is a fair price for a queen mattress? ›

Average Priced Mattresses

I'd say the most average price range for a queen size is between $1,500 and $2,000. This is where you'll start to notice more high-quality materials and more options with mattress type.

How much should a queen bed cost? ›

How Different Mattress Types Compare in Cost
Mattress TypeBudget Price (Queen Size)Medium Price (Queen Size)
Innerspring$700 or Under$700 to $1000
Foam$500 or Under$500 to $1700
Latex$1000 or Under$1000 to $2000
Hybrid$1200 or Under$1200 to $2000
Jul 29, 2023

Are Tempurpedics worth the money? ›

The comfort level and life span of of Tempur-Pedic beds makes them well-worth the price, according to the majority of our survey panelists and testers. If you want a long-lasting bed that cradles your body and provides superior pressure relief while you sleep, a Tempur-Pedic mattress may be the right pick for you.

Are you supposed to haggle for a mattress? ›

Just ask for a better price: If the thought of haggling makes you anxious, know that haggling for a mattress doesn't have to be overly involved. About a third (33 percent) of respondents who haggled did nothing other than ask for a better price—61 percent succeeded.

Does a mattress have to be expensive to be good? ›

A Good Mattress Is Worth the Splurge

It's not necessary to buy top-of-the-line luxury varieties, but always opt for a high-quality product, and treat your mattress like the serious investment it is.

Is 12 inch mattress too much? ›

A mattress that is 10 to 12 inches thick is usually sufficient. However, your sleeping position and the mattress materials may also influence the ideal thickness. Sleepers Over 230 Pounds: Because they sink in more deeply, sleepers over 230 pounds generally favor a mattress at least 12 to 14 inches thick.

Is $1000 a lot for a mattress? ›

Quick Answer: Most mattresses today cost somewhere between $200 and $1500. However, there are premium mattresses that can cost upwards of $5000 or more, and there are budget mattresses that can cost around $150 or even less. Most people can find a quality mattress in the $1000 price range.

Is 5000 a lot for a mattress? ›

However, there are premium mattresses that can cost upwards of $5000 or more, and there are budget mattresses that can cost around $150 or even less. Most people can find a quality mattress in the $1000 price range.

What mattress cost $60,000? ›

#4 The Palais Royal by Kluft: $40,000-$60,000

The coil spring design of Kluft mattresses is hand-stitched in their American factories. The Palais Royal by Kluft is made of layers of Mooseburger horsetail, Joma wool, Talalay latex, and cotton.

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