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49 minutesBoost2 German shepherds £75German ShepherdAge: 9 years1 male / 1 femaleI need to rehome my 2 German shepherds they are fit and healthy but need to be together they are not great with other dogs ideally would be nice to go to a farm use to being outside the female has higLynda G.Lincoln440 minutesBoostNew home needed urgently for Marco£150Mixed BreedAge: 1 yearMarco's owners gave him to us to take care of for a few weeks, but since then, they have decided they can not take care of him and asked us to find him a new home. Marco is a Staffordshire bull terriFlorica D.Grimsby46 hoursBoostBelgian malinois, rehoming needed! £75Belgian Shepherd DogAge: 1 year1 femalePlease only message if you have knowledge and are serious about this breed and have experience! This is pinky! Pinky is nearly 2 years old, she is a domestic dog and does not come from a working lineKatie F.GraysRescue/Charity716 hoursBoostVigo our black beauty puppy £650Mixed BreedAge: 8 monthsSuper cute Vigo is in Atherstone, he is around 5.5-6 months old and he is a handsome black with a white chest puppy. We are expecting him to be around 15-18 kilos fully grown. He is very playful, eStronger Together Animal Rescue STARID verifiedChester-le-StreetRescue/Charity

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53 hoursDarla£75Mixed BreedAge: 10 months1 femaleDarla is a pit cross Rhodesian Ridgeback she is a good dog reason for rehoming is she was my dads dog and he has taken poorly and when he gets out of hospital he won’t be able to look after her like sJemma S.Manchester23 hoursMale toy poodle £75Toy PoodleAge: 3 yearshe Needs a forever loving home we have to Rehome him no fault of his own. His a lovely boy good with kids other animals no health conditions he was with my mother in law due to her health she was unabEmma H.WatfordRescue/Charity4023 hoursMeet HARRY, a lovely little boy, for a Loving Home£650Mixed BreedAge: 11 months Our beautiful puppy - “HARRY” was rescued, together with a few others, from a communal “shelter”/”pound”, in Transylvania. We don’t know anything about his parents or background, sorry... Smart anFRIENDS inDEEDID verifiedNottinghamRescue/CharityRescue/Charity3943 hoursLittle Grey, a Beautiful Girl - for a Loving Home£450Mixed BreedAge: 2 yearsOur Beautiful girl was rescued from a farmland, more than a year ago. We had her spayed and fully vaccinated. Smart and very energetic, GRIUȚA is very friendly with everybody - people and other dogs.FRIENDS inDEEDID verifiedPeterboroughRescue/CharityRescue/Charity167 hoursBoostGreyhound Milton (Harby) Now Rehomed£200GreyhoundAge: 3 years1 maleMilton the Greyhound is a large sized white and Black Greyhound dog. Very kind gentle nature like all greyhounds. Milton is a quiet Boy, just likes his bed and walkies. Walks easy on the lead. Loves his walks. ❤️ Loves his food too, and his teddys. Milton is on foster in a home and is ready to be homed. He’s very clean and quiet. A joy to be with. ❤️❤️ Such a lovelyLadymoor Retired GreyhoundsID verifiedBridgnorthRescue/Charity58 hoursPotato Wedgie£200English BulldogAge: 1 year1 maleWedgie has several behavioural issues that means me and my partner cannot care for him. He pees in the house, exclusively when left alone He scratches for attention (quite common) He's quite barky (gAlice R.CardiffRescue/Charity178 hoursBoostAdorable Abbey£695Mixed BreedAge: 6 months2 male / 2 femaleAbbey is living with a young child, 2 cats and another dog, she is a very playful and very sweet natured little puppy. Abbey is likely to grow to approx 15 -18kgs. As soon as Abbey sees you she comes running over to say Hi with the biggest grin, yes she smiles straight at you. Friendly and sociable with both humans and other dogs, Abbey is ready to bring joy and love to DogsnHomes RescueID verifiedFleetRescue/CharityRescue/Charity148 hoursBoostLoveable Larry£250Mixed BreedAge: 1 year2 maleMeet the loveable Larry, just over a year old, this little lad is looking for his forever home. He housetrained, travels well in the car, isn't destructive, plays well with other dogs he knows and is very food focused. He can show some shy traits and therefore would benefit from a confident family/owner, that is going to build up his confidence. He knows many basic commaDogsnHomes RescueID verifiedFleetRescue/CharityRescue/Charity4038 hoursMeet the best behaved dog ever. He needs a Home !£500Mixed BreedAge: 2 years We rescued our lovely boy - BLACKY a few months ago, from a godforsaken village – where, most likely, he was abandoned by some evil person. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about his parents (FRIENDS inDEEDID verifiedPeterboroughRescue/Charity48 hours19 month staffy for adoption £75Staffordshire Bull TerrierAge: 1 year1 male19 month old staffy called Bruno , he is a very excited pup with a lot of energy and excitement, he’s good with people and other dogs but I would not recommend younger children as he doesn’t know his Paul F.Gateshead418 hoursFemale staff for sale £123Staffordshire Bull TerrierAge: 4 years1 femaleFemale staff for sale she’s roughly about 6 she is a great wee dog toilet trained etc fine with other dogs fine with kids etc please message for info or any questions u have we aren’t sure on what to Stephanie T.Carluke38 hours9 year old zeus£75LurcherAge: 9 yearsLooking for a loving home for our 9 year old lurcher Zeus. We are a large family and took Zeus in after being told he had just turned 2. After updating his microchip we realised he was actually 7. Wedavid m.Newark28 hoursKc reg female American Akita £75AkitaAge: 2 years1 femaleFree to the right home… With a heavy heart we are having to rehome our beautiful girl due to her not getting along with one of our older females. She gets along with our male and another of our femaleHILLCREST AKITASID verified5.00Sandy48 hoursBelgian malinois x dutch herder£75Mixed BreedAge: 8 months1 maleHe is called major and hes a lovely boy unfortunately were having to rehome him due to new work commitments and i dont feel hes getting enough attention as he should be he likes other dogs but unfortuMaryann H.Hartlepool1319 hoursBoostGerman shepherd female £295German ShepherdAge: 1 year1 femaleIt is with great sadness we have to rehome are family dog, due to no fault of her own She is 3 in November not neutered had one litter of pups, and is very loving, does not get on with other dogs or cats and only to homes with good garden and sole animal, in the household, need to do home visit to check suitable, she barks and can be nervous, Needs someone that can havMatthew M.Blackpool29 hoursBoostMason £100Bullmastiffa*ge: 5 years1 maleMason is a 5 year old male Bull Mastiff. He is a very affectionate, loving big dog. He loves the company of people and has lived with children. HE MUST BE THE ONLY DOG IN HIS NEW HOME AS HE DOES NOT GET ALONG WITH OTHER DOGS IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD. Mason struggles with his hips, he has suffered with this since he was born but is a happy boy and still loves his short walkSIMON G.ID verifiedBridgwater



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Dogs for adoption | Pets4Homes (2024)
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