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Rescue/Charity79 hoursBoostJimmy, Jack Russell looking for forever home£300Jack RussellAge: 6 years1 maleJimmy would like to say hello! This whiskery wee man has been found as a stray, so his history is unknown. We believe he’s around 6years. Jimmy is a busy little guy full of bounce, and just wants to bThe Yorkshire RescueID verifiedOtley(36.2 miles away)Rescue/Charity129 hoursBoostRoo (Cane Corso/Staffy)£75Mixed BreedAge: 10 monthsWith broken hearts we would like to introduce you to Roo our 11 month old pup. We’ve tried so hard to switch things around and make things work. We love her so much and want nothing more for her than TIANA C.ID verifiedLincoln(37.1 miles away)Rescue/Charity139 hoursBoostJulio, a magnificent dog£480Mixed BreedAge: 6 monthsJulio is a sweet and gorgeous looking dog with a lot of positive aura around him. He is calm, affectionate and happy to be kissed and cuddled. As a young rescue he hasn’t got many experiences so he hNancy's rescued and wagging tailsID verifiedManchester(31.5 miles away)Rescue/Charity

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53 hoursDarla£75Mixed BreedAge: 10 months1 femaleDarla is a pit cross Rhodesian Ridgeback she is a good dog reason for rehoming is she was my dads dog and he has taken poorly and when he gets out of hospital he won’t be able to look after her like sJemma S.Manchester(33.7 miles away)Rescue/Charity4023 hoursMeet HARRY, a lovely little boy, for a Loving Home£650Mixed BreedAge: 11 months Our beautiful puppy - “HARRY” was rescued, together with a few others, from a communal “shelter”/”pound”, in Transylvania. We don’t know anything about his parents or background, sorry... Smart anFRIENDS inDEEDID verifiedNottingham(26.2 miles away)Rescue/Charity38 hours9 year old zeus£75LurcherAge: 9 yearsLooking for a loving home for our 9 year old lurcher Zeus. We are a large family and took Zeus in after being told he had just turned 2. After updating his microchip we realised he was actually 7. Wedavid m.Newark(34.1 miles away)619 hours2 year old female frenchie £300French BulldogAge: 2 years1 femaleFun loving energetic sweet girl looking for a new home due to change in circ*mstances! Loves a game of fetch at the park and likes to tag along on any journey! Hates walking in the rain. Always by youBethany S.Nottingham(31.8 miles away)Rescue/Charity13212 hoursBoost💖🐶 BREENA 🐶💖£550Mixed BreedAge: 9 months1 female💖🐶 BREENA 🐶💖 🏠 LOOKING FOR A FOSTER OR FOSTER TO ADOPT 🏠 🇬🇧 Blackburn, BB2 🌟 RBU provided by Paw Help UK. 🐶 BREENA is a happy, beautiful, friendly girl about 6 months old. Medium Small size, 46 cm, 12 kg. • SIZE: MediumSmall size 46cm height/12 kg • SPAYED: No young age • CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: very friendly, loving, cheerful, trustful and smart • DOGS: AmazinDon't Buy, AdoptID verifiedBurton-on-Trent(40.1 miles away)Rescue/Charity312 hoursBoostNew home needed urgently£170Mixed BreedAge: 3 years1 femaleFrenchie Pug. Needs to be a home without other dogs. We’ve only just rehomed her ourselves but she is reacting with our other dog and it seems that they just cannot be near each other and I cannot risk this around my children. 99% of the time she will just be happy laying and cuddling I really think the ideal home for her would be one where she is on her own. And has someoSamantha M.Selby(33 miles away)Rescue/Charity24113 hoursBoost💖🐶 FAINA 🐶💖£550Mixed BreedAge: 7 years1 femaleSuch a beautiful small girl. Very very friendly with everyone. Active outside, calm at home. Very cuddly and have so much love to give. Would make a great companion 🎉💖🐶🏠 ❤️🐶 FAINA 🐶❤️ 🏠 LOOKING FOR FOSTER OR FOSTER TO ADOPT 🏠 🇬🇧 Burton on Trent DE15 🐾 Available for meets and greets 🌟 RBU and post-adoption support provided 🐶 Meet FAINA, an adorable small siDon't Buy, AdoptID verifiedBurton-on-Trent(40.1 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity39513 hoursBoostGREY - a Superb Girl who needs a Loving Home£450Mixed BreedAge: 2 years GRIUTA ("Li’l Grey") Our Beautiful girl was rescued from a farmland, more than a year ago. We had her spayed and fully vaccinated. Smart and very energetic, GRIUȚA is very friendly with everybody - people and other dogs. GRIUTA loves Affection ! She is a medium size girl - weighing around 14 Kg. You can meet Li’l GREY anytime in our place, in Calverton, NottinghamshFRIENDS inDEEDID verifiedNottingham(26.2 miles away)Rescue/Charity414 hoursBoostFemale Husky 2yrs old Free £0£75Siberian HuskyAge: 2 yearsDue to a change in circ*mstances we decided we have to rehome Luna. She loves to play and needs lot of attention and plenty of walks/exercise. Not good with cats/dogs. Fine with kids. Microchipped and vaccinated. She has not been neutered.Kennedy S.Wigan(48.8 miles away)Rescue/Charity1315 hoursBoostBenji, a beautiful tricolor Zen dog£480Mixed BreedAge: 2 yearsBenji is quite a beautiful dog, tall and elegant looking, with interesting colouration. Benji is a young male dog who is very even-tempered and calm (Zen!) , while at the same time playful if the opportunity arises. He gets along well with other dogs and all people but has not been cat tested. Benji lived in a secure area for much of his life so far, where he was kept safeNancy's rescued and wagging tailsID verifiedManchester(31.5 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity316 hoursBoostPixie * Pomeranian * 240480£500PomeranianAge: 3 yearsYou can apply to adopt Pixie at this link. This is an online form that is very easy to complete. Bella’s animal ID is 240480 Pixie has been with us in foster care longer than any of our dogs. She was incredibly neglected when she came to us, matted and thin and for the first 2 days she lay in her bed shaking. SSouth Derbyshire Wildlife and Animal RescueID verifiedAshbourne(36.6 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity19516 hoursBoostRex is waiting for his forever home! £400Mixed BreedAge: 3 yearsName: Rex Size: Medium Age: Approx 3 years old Sex: Male Breed: Mixed Breed Location: Rotherham, UK Rex had a bit of a tough start in life, being a street dog in Cyprus and then spending over a year in the Limassol Pound. He flew to a foster home but sadly did not get on well with the resident dog and is now in kennels, waiting for a forever or foster home. We have no SPDC Rescue UKID verifiedRotherham(9 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity817 hoursBoostBoo - French bulldog/pug£300Mixed BreedAge: 8 yearsName: Boo Nicknames: Betty Boo, Bettie, Boo Boo, Little Boo, Piggy Age: 7 years Breed: French Bulldog x Pug Gender: Female Colour: Black Size: Small Cats: No Children: 16 Dog in the home: No Dog out and about: Choosy Hello everyone my name is Boo a tripaw lady and a real cuddle monster! I am an adorable little lady and desperate for you to love me. I roll over all the tRadar Dog RescueID verifiedRotherham(5.2 miles away)Rescue/Charity9217 hoursLoving border collie pup£150Border CollieAge: 9 months1 maleThis is Ollie! This is not an easy decision for me to make but unfortunately due to family circ*mstances I’m having to give up my 9 month border collie pup Ollie, he’s the sweetest boy loves cuddles fCharlee A.Manchester(38.1 miles away)



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Dogs for adoption in Sheffield | Pets4Homes (2024)
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